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We are fully compliant with the PAPA Act, PSIRA Regulations, SASSETA Regulations, SAPS Firearms Control Act.

K9 - Security Training - African K9 Solutions

Who We Are

K9 and Handler Training & Certification

African K9 Solutions is a family business that started out in June of 2020.

This was a tough year for all of us during the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. After having to leave the company we worked for, we decided to take a leap of faith and start African K9 Solutions.

This is a predominant K9 and handler training and certification company, but we also specialize in private security solutions that we combine with our knowledge and love of the K9’s in the security industry.

K9 solutions ranging from patrol to tracking and detection work training of world class standards keeps our competitors on their toes.

We also offer foot guards that can do patrol work on properties, K9 security officers for anti-poaching and farm patrol services.

Security for your property

As for our training aspects we offer K9 training as well as handler courses for legally complying with the K9 and security industry. We also offer security guard training from Grades E to A.

The most important part of the company are our K9's and the dog handlers that will be working with these specially trained K9’s. Our handlers are part of the training program of the dogs to ensure the bond between handler and K9 gets stronger with each session and to keep our skills at a world class standard.

The kennel staff ranging from the kennel master right up to the kennel hand are the backbone of the company ensuring everything runs smoothly and our dogs every need gets met and catered for.

The director(s) come from a working K9 industry and is a Internationally accredited Instructor, SASSETA accredited Assessor, Moderator and Fasilitator allowing for vast amounts of knowledge being available to utilize and constantly gets fulfilled as training and seminars are attended in the field of K9’s. with the management and staff attending where possible.

K9 - Security Training - African K9 Solutions


Our training process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your K9, enabling us to determine the most effective approach for their training. Depending on the intended purpose of your K9, we curate a tailored training package that suits your team's unique needs and goals.


Through a meticulous assessment of your K9's instincts, we devise a specialized training plan to maximize their potential. We offer various scents to imprint your K9's detection abilities, or if preferred, we can guide you through the groundwork while you take the lead in their development.


We provide accredited certification for K9s and K9-handler teams in Detection, Mantrailing, and Protection. Our rigorous course aligns with industry standards and includes demanding tests to ensure readiness for real-world scenarios.


Melissa Coetzee

Absolutely amazing training was provided to my german shepherd. I highly recommend this training.My dog can now succesfully track and trial people.And a lot of amazing skills was trained. After training services and consultations and advice are always available . Amazing training.

Elize Steyn

Very helpful. Responds very quickly.

Janneque Bezuidenhout

Thank you Afican K9 Solutions once again. You guys rock!

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